Album review “Autotheism: The Faceless”

Credit: Jack Antonio

Okay, so I got the brand new album by The Faceless a few weeks ago and was totally stoked. I must admit my ignorance of all the fancy pancy terminology that follows heavy metal music around these days… But this scheize is totally tech death. And it’s some of the best tech death that your godamn money can buy. Let me break it down for ya below…

The new album is called “Autotheism”. I read the lyrics whilst I listened and the band has decided to use a tried and true method for the words this time: “God is dead! Humanity must rise from the ashes and embrace science and technology in order to reclaim our future as a species.” Not necessarily the most original lyrical content but still engaging nonetheless… Dare I say uplifting in it’s own strange little way! HAHAHA! However, it’s the music that really shines on this album. There are pretty sickly fast picking in the heavier sections, hellacious hardcore breakdowns, and trippy jazz fusion passages galore that sound like Paul Masvidal himself is sitting in with the band or perhaps even the legendary Mahavishnu John McLaughlan. The vocals are also a standout. Like the last band I reviewed, The Faceless employs a three headed monster technique with crysal clear cleans, demonic screams and some good old fashioned gutteral to keep the death metal tag alive and kicking. In Fact, the whole band compliments each other quite nicely. Simply put, these guys have arrived with this album. Their names are out there and they are developing a solid foundation for years to come. The band name is becoming more ironic with each passing album.

Autotheism The Faceless

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