Trioscapes are a three piece jazz fusion project consisting of Dan Briggs of BTBAM fame along with Walter Fancourt of Casual Curios and Brand New Life and Matt Lynch of Eyris. I actually think one of the most fascinating things about this project is the fact that Metal blade Records has decided to push it. I mean, what will happen next? Will they change the name of the label to “Jazzle Blade” if they keep signing these types of acts?

Okay, all jokes aside, what Trioscapes is presenting with “Separate Realities” is an interesting take on the whole fusion scene. Whilst the instrumentation of the drums, bass, and Sax might imply a certain amount of simplicity I can assure jazz lovers that this is far from sparse. Dan is able to rely on effects peddles and the wonders of overdubbing to pull off some trippy effects whilst Walter also shows off his doubling skills and takes a turn on the flute on a few of the tracks (not to mention the use of a “harmonizer” unit). The key to this whole thing though is Matt’s drumming. Some purists might take exception to the use of the double kick at times but, to be honest, I think this is a fresh approach that an otherwise arguably sleepy genre needs in this day and age. In fact, this trio, when in the pocket, has a bit of a Tony Williams Lifetime vibe with the raging jam style instrumentals, the psychodelics of Mahavishnu Orchestra, and the twisting turning poly-rhythmical riffage of Frank Zappa, as well as the hardcore prog sensabilities of BTBAM (as well as each of the other bands that these capable musicians are a part of) all rolled into one… Have they made a “classic”? Time will be a better judge of that but, in the meantime, I applaud Metal Blade records for taking a risk and putting out this record. It’s something that labels seem to rarely do these days!

Enjoy this album! It’s a fun and unique take on jazz fusion.