Doro Pesch on Do You Know Jack

Jack-Poster-(Doro)Tune in Sunday, March 22nd at 7 pm central to hear DO YOU KNOW JACK? RADIO SHOW’s Jack Antonio chat with the reigning QUEEN of metal, Doro Pesch. They’ll chat about Doro’s current “Strong and Proud” tour of NA which is in it’s second leg and snaking through the midwest. A few details about the 30th anniversary DVD emerge and also what progess she has made on the writing of her new album due out sometime in 2016.

In the WTF moment of the week, Jack will talk about Cronos of Venom sharing some harsh words for Henry Rollins whilst the Jack Attack will feature a generous portion of female fronted including – The Agonist and Huntress, . In the news it’s Heavy Montreal’s headliners and a Dio Memorial weekend that includes “celebrity bowling” whilst the RENEGADE ROCK REVIEW zeroes in on CALGARY based hard rock outfit OPEN SAILS and their self titled album which was released in June of 2014.