Into Apathy on The Traffic Jam

Coming to The Traffic Jam on Insane Realm Radio…..introducing Amy Costallo and Staci Harrington-Parker. Two sisters who who have created an awesome Alternative Acoustic sound.
The Interview is Thursday April 13th, 4pm EST,  9pm GMT time
They got started because they both made music. Staci sang and used to do a lot of demos back in the
day and Amy got older and learned guitar got pretty good. Then Amy was in a lot of bands throughout her teens. One day Staci suggested they do some music together so here they did. They do a lot of open mics and have done so for years. Amy’s influences are Jeff Lynne and ELO, Leonard Cohen, Elvis, the Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Dave Matthews, Dream Theater, Kevin Moore, Bob Dylan and the like. Staci is quite the same but she would also cite Red Hot Chili Peppers as influences.
All lyrics are written by Staci and/or Amy.
All music is written by Amy Costallo.
All instruments are played by Amy Costallo.