Jeff Waters (Annihilator) On DYKJ 4-1-2015

Jack-Poster-(JeffwatersSM)This Sunday, April 1st at 7 pm central on do you know jack? Radio show: on the interview pedestal is uber talkative Canadian guitar shredding legend, overall nice guy, JEFF WATERS of Annihilator. In fact, Jeff has sooooo much to say we’ve had to forgo the JACK ATTACK this week in favour of a second part to the interview! What’s Jeff so chatty about? The new Annihilator album of course!

In the WTF moment of the week, Dee Snider is late to the party when it comes to KISS adding Tommy Thayer as Ace Frehley’s replacement. The news focuses on Bumblefoot’s solo album and Striker’s music video whilst the renegade rock review will discuss a new track by Chilliwack, BC traditional metal and metal church emulators MEDIEVAL.