Lex Justice on THE METAL FACTORY w/ Jack Antonio 6/18/2013

Lex Justice on THE METAL FACTORY w/ Jack Antonio 6/18/2013 by Jack Antonio on Mixcloud

The name “KingDoom” is quickly being forged into North America’s industrial music scene. Since debuting both their first album and live show in April of 2012, the group has received much praise, and made significant progress.

KingdoomThe self-titled album features powerful performances by it’s members: Lex Justice, Aaron Skiba, and Tom Lincoln. Many industrial rock icons contributed to the album’s success as well. Notable names include Chris Vrenna (Grammy winning artist and original Nine Inch Nails drummer), Trevor Hurst (Econoline Crush frontman), Sylvia Massy (producer for Tool and System of a Down), Tom Baker (engineer for Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson), and Bill Kennedy (engineer for Motley Crue and Megadeth).

Loaded with industrial rock anthems and theatrical subject matter, KingDoom’s album serves as the perfect spark for their electrifying live show. Not shying away from rockstar wardrobe or makeup, the group incorporates many performance art elements synonymous with the industrial genre. Burlesque dancers have graced the stage, taking on the persona of “Frankenslut,” for the namesake song. And concertgoers have been especially captivated by KingDoom’s most recent shows; incorporating elaborate effects such as CO2 jets, confetti cannons, and even a professionally sequenced light show.

KingDoom’s hard work, and talent has already resulted in many great accomplishments and opportunities. For example, the group recently shared the stage with Pantera alumni, Vinnie Paul, and his supergroup, HELLYEAH. Another commendation recently came from the Edmonton Music Awards; KingDoom is nominated for “Metal Recording of The Year,” as well as “People’s Choice.” Additional praise was received from the aforementioned, Tom Baker (whose clientele include several 2013 Grammy winners and nominees). Industrial icon, Chris Vrenna has taken a strong liking to the band as well. So much so, that in addition to Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, and Gnarls Barkley, he will soon add KingDoom to the list of bands he’s been a member of.

The group will be adding Vrenna to their line-up when they headline HMP’s “2013 DOOMINATION TOUR” in June. From Victoria to Halifax, KingDoom will ambitiously tour across the country. The show will feature two drummers onstage, and promises to thrill audiences across Canada.

Other upcoming highlights include the release of two music videos the group shot in LA. Filmed by Ardor Pictures, and directed by Cameron Van Hoy, the videos are yet another KingDoom spectacle to behold. The group is even hard at work on a follow-up album, with plans for it to be released by the end of 2013.

KingDoom has made substantial progress, and received a wealth of praise; all in under a year. However, to truly recognize this band’s drive and determination, they must be seen live. Stay on the lookout for June tour dates, and do not miss your opportunity to witness the incredibly ambitious, and exhilarating, KingDoom.