Metal Madness Marathon, Donate To The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Almost ten years ago Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend Rob were severely beaten by a group of Teenagers because they were “different” part of the Goth subculture. On August 24th 2007 Sophie succumbed to her injuries. Soon after two of the young men involved were tried and found guilty of her murder and the others were found guilty of grievous bodily harm in the beating of her boyfriend Rob. In the time that has passed since, The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was founded to help spread awareness and equality for members of all subcultures within our society, through education and their tireless work with Legislators and Law Enforcement the world over they have helped create protections for those who society might deem “Different” due to their beliefs, appearance, or choice of music.

On June 17th 2017 at 4PM CDT, 5PM EDT, 9PM GMT, 10PM CET, 6AM JST Insane Realm Radio and their partners will be hosting a 24 hour Metal Madness Marathon with all proceeds going straight to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation to aid in their continued mission of education and equality for all. Hosted by Jayson Shell and Kent Bateman of The Women of Metal Show, Harry Cane from The Twisted Mind Radio Show, Steven Daniels and Benji of The Train Wreck and Nick Thomas and Bootsy Hambone of The Basement Tapes which airs on 92.9KKID as well as several other special guests this show promises to be one of a kind entertainment for a good cause.

Please join us at 4PM CDT, 5PM EDT, 9PM GMT, 10PM CET, 6AM JST on June 17th for 24 hours of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal for a cause. All donations no matter how Large or Small are greatly appreciated and will go a long way toward helping The Sophie Lancaster Foundation continue their important mission that in some way touches each and every one of us.

Please note: The Sophie Lancaster Foundation is not affiliated with the organization of this event in any way.


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