Review of Edge of Attack

by: Jayson Shell

Edge of Attack

Edge of Attack

I had a very hard time reviewing Edge of Attack (album and band name) not because Roxanne Gordey and company are a bad band. I had a hard time reviewing this album because I heard it already (sorta) and was afraid I couldn’t give it a fair review. Allow me to elaborate. About a year ago Jurekk Whipple (Lead Guitar) sent me a copy of Edge of Attack’s self produced first release and I fell in love with this band.

See that first release, while not the greatest production values (they weren’t the worst either) was entertaining and I must have listened to it 100 times. The first single off that release “Forever” has been played countless times on The Women of Metal Show.

Now onto this new polished version of Edge of Attack;

First thing I noticed the track listing was completely different. I won’t discuss the differences here because unless you had EoA’s self released LP then you wouldn’t get it anyway. The second thing I noticed was my favorite track “Forever” wasn’t the first song on the CD anymore. That title belongs to “In Hell” which is has a power metal/symphonic feel to it in the beginning (a bit unexpected, but I liked it).  Overall the song is great to listen to and the bands overall talents as a whole really come through on this track.

A few other things I have noticed about this new and improved Edge of Attack.

  1. Denver Whipple has come on board and replaced Kayle Silvaniuk as bassist.
  2. Dallas Dyck has resumed his rhythm guitar position, which has helped to expand the bands overall sound in a very positive way.

The title track “Edge of Attack” might be the best track on the CD it’s more of a power metal sound that opens with a really intense drum beat by Drummer Trever Swain. The guitar and bass work on this track is excellent and overall might be the best track on the album.

As I said earlier the song “Forever” might be my favorite song on the CD. It reminds me in some ways of your typical 80’s metal tune with a modern twist. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s a very radio friendly tune with a very catchy hook, but it’s definitely metal all the way.

Basically this release by Spread The Metal Records takes EoA to a new level.  The album itself while more polished then the bands original release, it retains the qualities that EoA’s growing legion of fans love. And I proudly play this album for anyone who cares to listen.

Edge of Attack Are:
Roxanne Gordey – Vocals
Jurekk Whipple – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Dallas Dyck – Rhythm Guitar
Denver Whipple – Bass
Trever Swain – Drums

Would I recommend this album? Hell YES!
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