Review of LYNCHPYN

CD-cover singleWhen I first started reading Lynchpyn’s bio I couldn’t help but say to myself. This has to be a joke, there’s no way in the world a band can pull off sounding like Killswitch Engage and Alice in Chains. But these guys have managed to pull it off and they do it quite well.

The two song teaser that I received contained the songs “Can You Speak Now” and “Drop the Blade” while not the best recordings I have ever heard they certainly weren’t the worst either.

Can You Speak Now is definitely a cross between the aforementioned Kill Switch Engage and Alice in Chains. The song features some great guitar work from Paul Cook (Ex Insomnia, Lead Guitar) and Robert Furman (HALO, Rhythm Guitars). The song starts out with a very familiar chugging and settles into a great rhythm that makes you want to jump out of your seat and yell “oh hell yeah”.  

Justin Llyod  (Ex. Maelstrom) provides the vocals for Lynchpyn and does a very good job on both tracks and shows some very good vocal range. The bass is played by Steve Saunders (who’s been in more bands then I care to count)  who does an admirable job on both tracks. His bass playing skills are up there with some of the best (IMHO). Drummer Jason Lawrence fits in perfectly with what the rest of the band is doing and shines on both tracks.

I found myself wanting to listen to “Can You Speak Now” over and over again, having listened to it a total of 15 times in less than three hours.

Drop the blade was totally different then Can You Speak Now, more hard driving (think Pantera crossed with Motorhead), with Justin Lloyds’ vocals bordering on death growls, but still very clean at the same time. I know confusing isn’t it? I’d say he almost sounds like he’s emulating Brian Johnson on this track (not badly either) only edgier.

Again on this track the band shows how together they are, something that should be expected from veteran musicians.

While neither of these tracks are ground breaking material, both are very entertaining and made this reviewer want to hear more from Lynchpyn.