Review of Soulicit’s Album Parking Lot Rockstar

by: William May

Soulicit's Parking Lot Rockstart
Ok now this album is really really good, from the first track to the last. Starting off with the track “Hell Yeah” which is a completely amazing song with a good funny video to it and this song was also on my( weekly countdown on Insane Realm radio.
The Next song is “Beauty Queen” which is a fucking awesome song no doubt, hard riffs soaring vocals, and a sex driven theme to top it all off, then at track 3 we have “Parking Lot Rockstar”, kind of a slower song with a nice hook to it that you will find yourself randomly singing it after hearing it, good song for all.
Then we have the next track “Complicated”, now this song right here touches me, I find myself sittin’ on the porch with my eyes closed and it takes me into this song as if I’m feeling exactly what they felt when they wrote it. It also has an awesome video to go with it and was and is also on my weekly countdown.
Track 6 “You Are The Song” Track 7 “Sticks And Stones”, and track 8 “Blow me away” I have not listened to as often as the others. Track 9 is “Too Cold To Pray”, now the first time I heard this song I instantly liked it and kept playing it over and over for the following 3 hours I had left of work, and then went home and let Kim listen to it, it’s also on my countdown. This song is a must listen to track.
Track 10 “Getting High” is a descent song as well, it gets better the more you listen to it. Then we are to the last track and its called “Time To Fly”, This is an inspiring, uplifting, emotional song, great tune.
All in all i would like to say that this album is an album for ALL generations and ALL moods. I believe everyone could find a song on here that they like and or can relate to. From kids to grandparents this is YOUR CD to get.

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