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Do You Know Jack

Do You Know Jack

Do you know Jack?

Well, if you don’t, allow myself to introduce… myself… I am Jack Antonio, host of the new variety show on INSANE REALM RADIO. It’s called um… Do you know Jack! I like long walks along the beach, moose, beaver, goose, clean air, clean water, polar bears and ice and snow and stuff. But I also like all kinds of good music. And I mean all kinds!

Jack Antonio is a fictitious character now turned radio persona. Jack launched his show on April 1, 2012 and was no April fools joke on Insane Realm Radio. It will feature Jack’s “niche” musical tastes, leftist ramblings, and general insanity.

Jack Antonio has interviewed some of the biggest stars in music today as well as some future stars, names like Jann Arden, Dee Snider, Lita Ford and Zakk Wilde, just to name a few.

Do You Know Jack Airs:

  • Friday 1pm Central (2pm Eastern)
  • Saturday at 1pm Central (2pm Eastern)

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