Trocaria – The Dark Nears REVIEW


Cover – The Dark Nears

By: Jayson Shell

I would like to say Trocaria’s The Dark Nears is a Goth Metal album or Symphonic Metal or perhaps even Symphonic Death Metal. Thankfully it isn’t any one of the above, it is all of the above and that’s just fine. One of Trocaria’s best traits is that this two piece band isn’t pigeon holed into any one genre. This has allowed Joan Palmer (song writer and all instruments) and Jon (VOX and song writing) to put together a very remarkable first effort.

My personal favorite songs on the album are “Is It Just a Shadow” and “Martyr”. For very different reasons. These songs are very musically diverse… Dark, yet would manage to keep the most diehard symphonic metal fan like myself entertained.

“Is It Just a Shadow” has a very ominous sounding opening that leads to a very powerful riff. Jon’s vocals are just amazing on this track. Joan’s abilities as a musician just shine through all over this song and the entire album. There’s also an incredible guitar solo during this song and I am a sucker for a good solo.

“Martyr” tells a very personal story of loss and despair. The opening is a very sad sounding keyboard (love the use of keys in metal) that leads into a very slow and plodding guitar riff. This song is done with great feeling and emotion. I personally love songs that tell stories (especially personal stories) and this one is no exception. “Martyr” tugs at the heart just a bit while it pounds your brain.

Having had the opportunity to get to know Joan a little bit, I can honestly say she’s put her heart and soul into this album. She clearly loves what she’s doing and recently told me “I am just an average girl, who happens to love Metal music.” It shows.

Aptly titled The Dark Nears is a very diverse album that doesn’t get too dark, but if you like dark metal then this album is worth checking out. Is it a perfect album, no. But as I said earlier it’s a good first effort expecially when you consider it’s self produced, with no big label support.

On a personal note, if you were to ask me if I would buy this CD, the answer is… I did and I love it.

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