Return Of The Basement Tapes

Hosts of The Basement Tapes
Nick Thomas & Bootsy Hambone hosts of The Basement Tapes

For those of you who have been tuning into Insane Realm Radio for the last eight years, you may remember Nick Thomas and Bootsy Hambone of The Basement Tapes show. They were here almost from the beginning and had a good run on our little Internet Radio Station, before leaving a few years ago.

Well, we are proud to announce that as of May 14th 2019 all of us at Insane Realm Radio are happy have seen them make their Triumphant return to our airwaves!

Nick and Bootsy offer the same fun Witty banter as always, a unique look at Indie music from the world over, and bring something to IRR that none of our other hosts can offer.

Be sure to tune in every Monday Night at 8 PM Central Time to hear all their great hand picked tunes, and all the other great things they have to offer, because as they say,

” Everyone is local to somewhere.”