HELLFIRE 76 Release Self Titled Album

August 31, 2022 CJ Cornell 0

Taboo lyrics served over Blues-infected grooves! This is the unique blend of sounds that HELLFIRE 76 brings to the table. With influences raging from ZZ Top, Killing Joke, Kyuss to The Melvins

Idol Throne (USA) ‘The Sibylline Age’

August 31, 2022 CJ Cornell 0

Idol Throne is a band with a sonic mission and vision; the blending of elements from U.S. Power, Bay-Area Thrash, Neoclassical and Traditional Heavy Metal, combined with a progressive sense of songwriting and a strong focus on melody.

Dying Light – Far From Life – (Heavy Metal)

February 2, 2022 CJ Cornell 0

me together in 2019 when Jeff and Jim met Shaun at a Godsmack concert through mutual friends. Conversation came up about original music and Shaun said he’d like to give the project a listen. Shaun was traditionally a thrash drummer, so the music and tempo was a bit different than he was used to, but he added something special to it almost immediately.