Dan’s Favs

Dan’s Fav’s Airs Fridays 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central (USA)

I am eclectic with my choices of songs I air and metal music is my lifesblood. My name is Dan and to all my listeners I am DJ Wolfenstein. With my experience and knowledge in the extreme to the classic I have developed a wide variety of music tastes which is my sole purpose to bring to all of you. I have aired for many different occasions, & specials. Ranging from the latest metal sponsored advertisements for many different metal outlets. I personally fullfilled requests on air for people from all over the world in the span of 6 months of online radio DJing. My weekly airings always offer something a bit different from the next. I am from New York and live in Upstate NY. I’m into all forms of Extreme, Progressive, Black, Doom, Thrash, Death and also classic metal all the way from to what you hear regularly from metal stations to darker offerings from my own stuff I enjoy. There is many genres of metal I have tapped into that I want to discover and explore with you on my airings.

All the way from the metal masses recognized all over the world to the absolute underground & indie talents coming up!

Catch me live or on the MixCloud platform for stream.

Howl with me in full moon metal madness after the nightfalls… we are nocturnal and we are the new breed.

Run with the pack!

Dan’s Fav’s Airs Fridays 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central (USA)