The Train Wreck

The Train Wreck is a three hour radio show hosted by Steve Daniels and Benji every Thursday night from 8 PM to 11 PM Central Time on Insane Realm Radio. We strive to play a mixture of Mainstream and either Independent or small label Bands and Artists from around the world.

The Train Wreck on Insane Realm Radio

Our passion is the Hard Rock and Metal you probably haven’t and wont hear anywhere else. That is and was our entire reason for getting involved in music promotion. Help make the little guys and gals reach new fans every chance we get.

One last thought, yes we know, sometimes the name “The Train Wreck” fits us, listening to our show you’ll hear great tunes, comedy, band interviews, and sometimes things just go off the rails! But that’s half the fun and mystic of our show!

About Steven Daniels

I grew up loving music, whether it be Rock, Metal, Punk or some variation of them, I love it. Music has been a long time passion of mine, sharing that music with the world long ago became my mission. That’s where Insane Realm Radio, The Train Wreck, and the other various radio shows, etc come in.

Some of my favorite bands include; Otep, Avatar, Ghost, Kittie, System of A Down and many many more!

Steven Daniels at Northern Invasion 2017

I am also a musician, a bassist to be exact, though not currently involved in making music other then for my personal enjoyment. Maybe someday that is something I will pursue. Maybe not… at any rate, please check out my show Every Thursday on Insane Realm Radio.

About Benji

Benjamin ‘Benji’ Haglund is the co-host of The Train Wreck radio show. He is also an amateur comedian, voice actor, and writer (emphasis on amateur).

Benji Co-host of The Train Wreck

He was born in [Redacted Information] and met Steven while attending Northern Invasion a few years ago. He would go on to join forces with Steven to host The Train Wreck. He enjoys music of all varieties as well as playing music on his bass guitar. Catch his and Steven’s show to hear more about the man, the myth, the legend that is Benji.

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