Join Our Team

Insane Realm Radio is currently looking for talented passionate new members to join our growing team. As our fans and friends may notice, our site, and show programming is currently undergoing a much needed make over. As such we are seeking individuals interested in helping make Insane Realm Radio all it can be.

Positions include:

Insane Realm Radio Embrace The Madness!

Positions Include:

Show Hosts, specifically those interested in hosting content that will be exclusive to Insane Realm Radio or at the very least isn’t syndicated on twenty different stations.

Graphic Artists to make show advertisements, merch designs, logos for new and existing shows, and more.

Promoters to help promote the station, our programming and the bands we support.

General Support staff, these positions might include helping shows gather news, or information, moderating our different various media channels and more.

Please note that at this time all positions will be unpaid, however there are plans in place to change that hopefully in the near future.

If your interested in joining us, please click the menu link above (Join our Team) and let us know today! Embrace The Madness!