Twisted Mind Radio Show

Have you ever been frustrated because no matter where you go you can’t find a station that plays Progressive Rock and Metal? Have you ever wished that there was a radio station that played your favorite music? The TWISTED MIND RADIO SHOW was created out of these very frustrations. In fact, the original idea for the name of this show was the M.I.L.F. Radio Show for Music I Like, FƱ©kers! But after learning that the acronym was already taken, the show was given the moniker The TWISTED MIND RADIO SHOW.

Twisted Mind Radio Show
Twisted Mind Radio Show Hosted by Harry Cane. Only on Insane Realm Radio

Spanning the genres of Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive Metal, Melodic & Symphonic Rock & Metal, Power Metal, Doom Metal, and some occasional Death Metal, the TWISTED MIND RADIO SHOW is a 2-hour adventure away from the cookie-cutter sounds of mainstream Hard Rock & Metal radio. You’ll hear bands spanning the past 40- years of headbanging from mainstays like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to independent artists of today like Pyramaze and Artizan.

Join your host, Harry Cane every Tuesday night at 8 PM Central (9pm Eastern) starting in September for 3+ hours of hard-hitting, fresh, in-your-face Progressive/Symphonic/Melodic/Power/Doom/Death Rock & Metal. You may not like everything you hear, but you’ll surely hear something that trips your trigger. Check out The TWISTED MIND RADIO SHOW on Facebook and Twitter at the links below and feel free to e-mail your requests and feedback to TwistedMindRadio at

About Harry Cane:

HARRY CANE – Harry Cane is my alter-ego. By day I’m a mild-mannered executive in a large North American manufacturing business. By night, I’m Harry Cane (mostly I go by ‘Cane)… old-school to new-school hard rock and heavy metal loving headbanger. So yeah, I’m an old white dude with no hair. But I’ve been rocking my ass off for nearly 40 years and as the saying goes… “I got to see all the great bands”.

Harry Cane Host of The Twisted Mind Radio Show

Some people can quote Scripture for every situation that they’re faced with in life. Not me – I quote song lyrics. From an early age music has always been my outlet. Way back in 1976 I got my first phonograph and my first LP as a birthday present from Mom and Dad. The album was “A New World Record” by Electric Light Orchestra. The minute I heard the opening keyboards and strings on “Tightrope” (Side 1, Track 1), my love of Progressive and Symphonic Rock was born. As the years passed and popular music went straight to hell, I found myself migrating more and more to the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genres as these styles of music stayed more true to their roots. Over the years I’ve amassed a huge collection of CD’s and digital music (and yes, I still have those vinyl LP’s from my early years) from a wide range of Progressive Rock and Metal, Hard Rock, and all sub-genres of Heavy Metal. I’ve often said, “I always have music playing. Sometimes it’s only in my head and I’m the only one that can hear it, but there’s always music playing. I call it the soundtrack of my life.”

Starting in September of 2015 I’ll have the opportunity to share some of the music I love with you every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern (8pm Central) on the TWISTED MIND RADIO SHOW on Insane Realm Radio. Join me each week as I share the soundtrack of my life with you. You’ll hear something different each and every week, from Hard Rock and Metal pioneers and newcomers alike. I hope to both trigger memories from the past and to create new memories for the future.