New Album From URBAN PRIMATE “Desolation”

Urban Primate, a Danish hard rock/metal band, released their first album in ten years on November 12, 2021. The band has used the isolation time during the covid-19 pandemic to rehearse and create an album containing 11 songs.

”This is what I’ve been waiting for, for… well forever I guess. We are so happy to be back. We haven’t been playing together since 2012 and to be honest, though we agreed on closing the band down back in the days, we all missed the integrity, the fellowship and the way we work with and think our music. This release is such a major step for us and for me personally”. 

Urban Primate was formed in 2010 and consisted at that time of five dedicated members, who wrote and released the bands first album “Urban Primate” in 2010. Urban Primate played several venues from 2010 to 2012, including numerous shows at The Rock as well as shows in Vega, Råhuset, Huset I Magstræde, Lygten and many others.

Over the years the band changed members a few times with only Benjamin, Christian and Jakob as ongoing members of the group. In 2011 the band once again went to the studio to record an EP with five tracks. In 2012 the band members parted ways and Urban Primate was finally shut down. Thus in the summer of 2020 the bandmembers felt it was time to revive Urban Primate. In the middle of the worldwide covid-19 pandemic the band started rehearsals and worked on the songs for DESOLATION!

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