Chrome And Metal With Silver

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Chrome and Metal With Silver on Insane Realm Radio

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed some big…. no HUGE changes taking place here at Insane Realm Radio. Everything is in flux right now, New website, new and returning programming, and lots more still coming down the pipeline. To our dear friends and long time listeners, Thank you for putting up with us and sticking by us as we rebuild IRR from the ashes of its former self. And to our new found listeners, thank you for not turning tail and running. Things have been a mess the last few weeks.

Out of that though has come the return of some old favorites like The Basement Tapes, and soon Do You Know Jack Radio Show (more on that to come soon).

Just as exciting though (at least in our opinion) , our newest addition “Chrome And Metal With Silver” aired on Insane Realm Radio for the first time on May 17th.

D.J. Silver has everything you could ever want on his show. Great Rock and Metal, funny banter, he’s engages with his audience, and Chrome And Metal offers just enough vulgarity that you might want to put the kids in the other room. Eh… or perhaps not.

Tune in every Friday Evening at 5 PM Central Time to check it out for yourself, right here on Insane Realm Radio. Embrace The Madness!